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Halo Universe - Everything Halo!
Lol I know Smile buts it's a bit annoying when people say "no content" to a board started less than 24 hours ago. I was hoping, with this thread, to attract someone like faviouz to increase the content.
We have a bit of content now Smile still working on it if someone wants to help that'd be great Big Grin
(2010-09-23, 03:27 PM)Anurag Wrote: Its #copyright i think
#copyright a {color: #fff;}

I think adding above code to global.css will work.

Sorry about this ^^ I didn't have time to test everything ^^

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It's ok Smile it's a great theme, i only tweaked a few little things Wink
Bumpy Smile
Nice site, Tommy, although I do believe the banner can be improved.
Yeah, that's on my to-do list. Im trying to get a banner that doesn't clash with the theme Confused

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