Not Solved Discrepency between google analytics info and thread/post views according to forum
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I have pasted the google analytics tracking code after the last </div> tag in my forums footer template (using default templates).

The URL of my forum is:

My tracking code on google picks up views, but only a fraction of the real number of views coming to the forum threads and posts according to the myBB views counters.

Please check the source code in any of my forum pages.

Is there something I'm missing here?
An example: The thread here called "The Incredibles - inside the studio" was posted a few hours ago.

At the time of writing, it has 114 views according to myBB (a figure which should be fairly close, as this thread has been tweeted and retweeted several times today).

However, according to google analytics, the entire forum has only received 27 page views so far today.

I can see the analytics tracking code in the page source code. As I said, is there something I'm missing here?
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Google Analytics discounts the majority of bots I believe, while MyBB doesn't.
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That may account for a partial discrepency. But can there really be approx. 100 bots visiting that thread in the space of a few hours?
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Analytics relies on javascript too - so if you don't have javascript enabled, you don't get counted.

There's many effects like this, I think Google list them somewhere in their FAQs but I can't find the link at the minute...

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