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CosmicHost :: Free Cpanel Webhosting! (MyBB Too!)
No offence taken, I have to agree.

Also, sorry I can't accept I currently one my own so I don't think that would be fair. Toungue

Edit: Sorry AJS, I just read them and thank goodness I haven't posted again. Toungue
Can people please read the rules before replying to threads in the Showcase -
(2010-09-26, 06:30 PM)Bob Jansen Wrote: I wonder what would happen if I order the 50GB package and upload 50GB of files. You do realize you don't have unlimited right?
You can have the 50GB plan if you wish. let me know
and im getting the TLD thursday..
Hello guys, we run forums from on our CosmicHost,
We provide FREE Cpanel Webhosting and P2H (Post To Host) with paid plans also

Have fun, be nice, read ToS on signup
1 thread is enough thanks - merged.
ok well its now CosmicHost,

see told you guys i was buying a domain

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