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[php] Developer(s) Wanted for MyBB GoMobile
Hello all,

I'm looking for a developer or two to aid in the development of MyBB GoMobile. I'm tired and lazy after typing up a hueg paragraph over @ MyBBGM, so I'm not going into specifics:

Basically, if you're not a php n00b (ie. not like me) and are able to actively contribute, please let me know (over there, do not want pms here). Please read the post I linked to above before you apply, though. Don't go based on this brief explanation o.o

I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm as I'm extremely tired, however if I don't post this now I'll forget most likely Dodgy


edit: also, php only. I don't need HTML/CSS/JS/front end stuff done, as I can handle it for now.
good u
Is this voluntary or paid?
Thanks, Polarbear541
Voluntary, forgot to mention. Might have this position filled, I'll let everyone know soon though.
good u

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