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[For 1.6] Fassim Anti Forum Spam - updated v1.3
(2013-06-28, 11:40 PM)kmoneil Wrote:
(2013-06-28, 08:34 PM)Misfire Wrote: Still waiting on my API key.

You should have your key. Thanks!

Thanks! I can see it working wonders already Big Grin Big Grin
The emails are getting a bit confusing. They we're okay before but now the IP's are looking like this;

I think it's meant to be: 156 Attempts CN

Am I right?
Yes you are correct. Thanks for the update, I'll look into what's going on.

Seems to be fixed now. Smile
Its weird, there was a post here asking about blocking states. Well the answer is yes, you can block by states. Under Fassim setting theres and option for Region Blocking, go here choose what region(s) you want to block and add them to the list separated by commas (i.e US-AZ,US-OR).

So if you wanted to block Oregon, then you would add US-OR
How to know the API key?
(2013-07-31, 11:48 AM)rakyatkjelata Wrote: How to know the API key?

You should receive an email that has your api key in it.
Hi kmoneil,

Thanks for providing this service.

I've requested my keys 24 hours ago, nothing yet but I read it can take longer.
When is the next release of API keys do you think?

All I have to say is that this is an excellent plugin, Kevin!
(2013-12-17, 01:31 AM)Ados Wrote: All I have to say is that this is an excellent plugin, Kevin!

Thanks! Hopefully I get a new update here before to long.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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