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[For 1.6] Fassim Anti Forum Spam - updated v1.3
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
(2012-01-01, 12:33 AM)kmoneil Wrote:
(2011-12-30, 09:55 PM)aglinx Wrote:
(2011-12-30, 01:53 PM)kmoneil Wrote: Sorry I've been off on Christmas vacation. Happy Holidays Everyone!

We will be sending out another batch of api keys here shortly.

Yes, the plugin does check our severs for new sign ups.

What happens if your server is down at the time a user is signing up?

The user will be able to register to your site.

ok, sounds good. I just wanted to be sure the user wouldn't be rejected or anything...
Waiting on key...thanks.
I too have registered for 2 keys for separate sites. How long is the key wait?
Any update?
I suppose this is dead then? No response, and no API key in almost a week.
I don't believe it's dead. I've used it rather successfully in the past, though the author does seem to log in spontaneously.
I had done this before with the API keys and I wanted a new one, and I haven't received in some time. I found one archived a while back and I used that one instead. It used to be automated, I wonder what happened?
Our service isn't dead, its running strong and we get tons of requests a day. Our API process has always been a manual process. We've had many people try to hack the service, so we like to limit the number of key we send out, this lets us have a little more control over the people that are using it.

We sent out another 600 keys.

And why I seem spontaneously is that mybb forum doesn't always send me updates to let me know that someone has responded to this thread.

Sorry for the delay.
Fassim Anti Forum Spam -

Follow our twitter to get server blocks and more.
Well everyone might get a few bot signups today, as we are under a denial of service. We must be making an impact to the spamming world if they want to take us down ... I think they hate Fassim. Big Grin

We should be back up with other servers here shortly. Just letting everyone know if they get more bots/signups today, this is the reason.


It seems my IP address got listed in Fassim's database. This is probably due to the extensive testing I have done on my board of my anti-spam and security modifications.

Whom do I contact for delisting?
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