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Anyone know how I could do this?
I think you would need a plugin Confused
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Damn Sad
Yes, you would need a plugin, though a very simple one at that. I can have a crack at it, if you want.
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I'd appreciate it!

I need to learn PHP =_= But I work full time and then have a full time home life haha
I'm in the process of learning, so took me little longer than expected to make this Toungue

Anyways, add {$thread_avatar} to it's own td and use CSS max-width & max-height to control the display. {$thread_avatar} will place the URL into an img tag so you don't have to worry about that. Also, if a user doesn't have an avatar set, it uses images/default_avatar.gif instead.

Lastly, I dunno how this will perform, so I'd recommend keeping threads-per-page to a minimum and test if this is a resource hog or what Blush

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Shouldn't be too difficult of a plugin really but to be honest this is going to make thread display even heavier. Since no one knows the code on Xenforo it's hard to say how optimized it is. One thing I know about viewing their site is how some of those features are going to be bloat in code. VB became very bloated. Who's to say Xenforo won't be worse.

This can be done very easily with a core edit to showthread.php and the templates.
Well, since I removed the forum icons from my thread display it looks quite bare, I thought this could add some visual interest back to that area. Thanks Scoutie, I'll check it out.
@Scoutie44: I will suggest you to use this width='38' height='38' in image tags;

<img src='{$thread_user['avatar']}' alt='User Avatar' title='{$thread_user['username']}\'s Avatar' width='38' height='38'/>

This will make an smaller avatar image on the thread listings.
As mentioned in my previous post you'd have to add some CSS for that - the problem being some people have disproportionate avatars, as well as smaller than a size I could set. max-width & max-width solve this issue.
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