Minify and compress css and js
Can someone please make a plugin that compresses css and js with gzip. And also minifies the css (remove all blank spaces and comments, etc.) and using a minify script to minify the js.

This will greatly help with the speed of a forum and also bring down the bandwidth usage.


PS. for Mybb 1.6. And I'm not willing to pay sorry Angel
You can enable GZip without any plugins.

Admin CP > Server and Optimization Options > Use GZip Page Compression? > Yes.
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Yes do as faviouz said it works perfectly Smile
According to YSlow only the php (ie index page) pages gets compressed if you activate that function. The css stylesheets and js from the cache doesn't get compressed.
You could minify them manually. Download the files and run them through a compressor tool or something.
Yeah, I know. But a plugin that can do all those things at the server side would be much more convenient. And would make changes faster. Than editing something -> minify it -> apply the changes.

Can I change the stylesheets' extension to .php and add code that would gzip it?
You can Compress the CSS with CSS compressor.
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