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Ghostrecon3 Site
Here is my first MyBB Portal/Board.

Let me know what you think.Big Grin
In my opinion you should expand the tables on the portal page. I'm running at 1280x1024 res. and you have a lot of space and little tiny tables of content. Other than that looks nice.
[Image: sigsmall.jpg]
You must be using IE. Below is the site in IE and Mozilla. Not sure how to fix that.

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Ahh yep that must be the problem. I only use IE when browsing the net. Only use Firefox to test and make sure everything is working in other browsers.
[Image: sigsmall.jpg]
If any one knows how to fix this please post it. Thanks!

**I think i have it fixed, let me know***
Ah, it looks great in Firefox! I just looked at it in IE, and it looks the same. Good job!
Cool! Glad i got it fixed.
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