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hi, i am looking for plugin to integrate facebook with mybb forum

basically i want if user have facebook account then they dnt need to create account on my forum, just use the facebook account and able to post their threads

i have found this plugin

but i am looking a free plugin Confused
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There is not a free Facebook Connect plugin out there yet. You do realize that the MyBBAddOns subscription will get you access to all of their plugins, so its good deal
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Lennart's Facebook Connect plugin still needs a few more tweaks to make it truly powerful, but so far, it's been very effective. My own forums use it right now.

NOTE: I have made edits to the language files.

But still, Lennart was the first MyBB plugin author who I felt was actually worth it to acquire a subscription. I haven't looked back.
There is no free plugin for the moment. Neither there is a complete guide on how to do it.

You will have to read Facebook docs and implement it if you want it for free

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