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Not Solved [General] How this can be fixed?
Not Solved
Hello everyone,
I am new to mybb and you can also say, I am new to any forum softwareRolleyes

But, still I have found an issue with mybb only with one day use of mybb on my localhost using wampserver.....Dodgy

Check it out yourself, a running example on mybb forum of the issue itself

And, also tell me how it can be fixed because I have decided to go with mybb as a forum software for my site.....

Thanks in advance Smile
Not Solved
That can't be fixed, just yet all. I think, its a confirmed bug in MyBB, i can't seem to find the correct search term, but i'm fairly sure its a known bug.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
Not Solved
(2010-10-17, 06:45 AM)Akshay.S Wrote: Reinstall Mybb and it will be automatically fixed.

What?? Did you even see the guy's problem?? How would reinstalling fix it??? Confused

@OP: This is not a high priority imo, if you have a user do this, just ban them, deleting all their posts, you should not have such users on your boards anyway. Apart from that you could request a plugin to take care of it, or post on the dev site to see if a fix for this can be applied in to future releases.

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