looking for a custom theme to be made
I am looking to have custom skins made in 4 different colors (blue (lightish blue) , green (lightish bright green), red and yellow.

Would this be possible without adding too much to the cost as they would just change the color of the same skin? my site is www.virtualpetuniverse.com and i would like it to kind of have a space theme, with the banner at the top having stars around it with maybe virtual pets standing around a planet or something of the sort.

http://virtualpetuniverse.com/showthread...15#pid2915 - those are the images of pets I have been given there and they could be used on the forum skin.

i quite like this skin that was made at one of my competitors sites here :
please let me know what you can do along with prices.
I will do all 4 in 1. Which means 1 skin with a colour switcher built in.

I'll also include some jQuery.

Im done with this crap. Bye

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