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Pokémon Frost Version Forums
Hi, My sister wanted me to tell you people about her pokemon forum.
She will be getting the domain later on but she wants you people to comment on the forum. Does it look ok? Does it need anything?

Bio- Pokemon Frost Version Forum is a Pokemon Forum dedicated for it's game, Pokemon Frost Version, the game is still being worked on though.


You may join if you want to.

My sister is also hiring.

She needs-

1 Moderator
and maybe 1 Super Moderator.

If you want to help out, join her forums and in every forum, there should be an application, copy and paste it in a private message ans send it to Ice Pokemon Master(Admin/My sister)
It needs,

- Domain
- Theme
- Content
- Members
- Unique features
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
I see, well we just started. How about the logo, does it look ok?
Is that an URL or a full-blown sentence?
good u
An URL, she will be getting a Domain later on, thats wahy she needs your opinions about it
Yeah she needs a domain, have a look around for themes in the mod section. Something simple and you'll find someone around here to make you a nice logo, no problem.
Ok, thanks I have found a theme for my sister, but we are not to download stuff on our School computers. We'll do it on our home computer. Thanks

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