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A module system
Code-mods can be a bit... much and sometimes you might even screw up the code and mess up your whole board. So something is needed to let people add they're own pages and functions to they're board without having to risk making it fall down go boom (Toungue). So why not make a module system? I know it sounds stupid, what with this beeing a forum system and all, but it would be really usefull -- in fact: You could remove the calendar and reattach it as a module (I would still use it -- but this adds a removal option for the people who don't want it).
I developed a mdoule system for a client application I wrote and had planned to port it over to MyBB when I had the time. It supports front end and back end new additions with install and uninstall routines as well as configuration pages for the plugin.

I hope to port it over eventually.

Modules and plugins are two different things in my opinion. Modules extend the functionality by adding new pages. Plugins interface with the code to add new functions and enhancements. In MyBB there will be a module system..
Gee willekers, batman! That sure kicks some heavy lime, don't it?!
Wow...that sounds....cool :p Sounds so advanced Smile
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
Web: http://dennistt.net
cant wait, hopefully it will make MM's mod making easy Smile

will this be in gold or after it??

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