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(2010-10-17, 10:15 AM)faviouz Wrote: Wow, a 5 letter domain. You could sell that if you don't succeed. Toungue Theme feels alright, but the forum is closed right now so I can't say much more. Smile is available as a random example, 5-letter domains aren't that rare.
Yes, but this one actually makes sense and could be used for a website. Very easy to remember and relates to Playstation.
the board status is closed now, But I am satisfied with the theme selection, Warezblue is one of my favorites.. Smile
[Image: AJVeGNO.png]
Sorry everyone about closing the site, I thought I successfully got tabbed menu's working with 1.6, but seems I didn't, which I need to fix before I can open the board. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.

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