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Not Solved phpBB2 (forumotion) to MyBB
Not Solved
(01-23-2011, 08:39 PM)Clover Wrote: So, I'm trying to transfer my users and their post counts to my new MyBB forum. I have the new forum all set up, and now I'm at the stage in the instructions where I run

I keep getting hung up on the "Topic ID (#)....Transfering Step 4 of 14"

I actually had to restart because after about 5 hours of it being on topic 317 step 4, I just assumed it froze.

I'm running the entire thing again, (yes it went through ALL the users and forums and now I'm on the ID part for the 2nd time) and it still seems like this 'step 4' takes FOREVER on each topic. (This is even after my co-admins helped me delete tons of threads and topics)

What is this step 4? Is there any way I can speed it up?

if it helps anyone answer my questions, here is my forumotion forum:

and here is my new forum:


This is a separate question, but still related.
I have made a few themes already in the new forum, and my staff and I have made a few posts to keep notes. Must I delete these posts on the new MyBB forum in order for the transfer to work, or will the old topics/threads just be transferred along side?

PLEASE HELP! Thank you so much.

You should actually ask nneonneo (the script author) about this, as Dylan M. and the rest of the staff do not maintain this.
Not Solved
Please re-download the converter. If you downloaded from SMF forum, it was outdated. I could do it if you still get issues.
Not Solved
Clover's original thread was locked, and necroing this thread is inappropriate. Due to the legal gray area this falls under and the formal policy against it by Forumotion, all further discussion is prohibited and all threads about it will be closed.

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