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[MyBB 1.6] Norwegian (bokmål) translation (BETA)
Almost finished working on a Norwegian translation. It may still contain errors.

Nesten ferdig med en norsk oversettelse av MyBB. Den kan fortsatt inneholde en del feil.
The package does not have images yet. (I don't have photoshop, and the psd-files doesn't load correctly in gimp.) The translation for timezones is currently missing. The package needs some more testing, considering it beta for the time being. There is no admin panel translation, as i don't see this nescessary at the moment. (Norwegians are generally proficient enough in english for this to not be an issue.)

Testers and feedback is welcome and needed.

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.gz   mybb-1600-norsk.tar.gz (Size: 55.94 KB / Downloads: 146)
Will be updated for the newest version tomorrow.
Updated for latest version.

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.gz   mybb-1601-norsk.tar.gz (Size: 56.47 KB / Downloads: 186)

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