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[For 1.6] MyTheme - Change yout themes! [1.4/1.6] Compatible
MyTheme for MyBB 1.4/1.6 Compatible
Author: Terrorz
Latest Version: 1.0

I noticed that there was only one mod of this type available (QuickTheme), and not everyone would like it since it wouldn't always fit in some themes, like the same reason I didn't like it, so I decided to create MyTheme, it blends in perfectly, and doesn't mess up the layouts of themes. It also allows you to change the themes by links.

Overview / Features
MyTheme is a MyBB mod that allows you to change your themes from one theme to another, each member can use their choice of the theme they want that you have installed on your forum. It nicely integrates itself on the bottom of every page so that you can decide to change to any theme whenever you want. Very simple and easy to install doesn't take more than 2 minutes.
ALSO NOTE: It also allows you to change your themes with links like Change the themeID to the ID number of the theme you want. Example IDs: 1,2,3,4,5. LiveExample: This feature is helpfull for Theme Designers so that they can link people straight to the themes instead of people going on there site and selecting the theme.

To install MyTheme, simply upload mytheme.php in inc/plugins, then log into ACP -> Plugins -> then click "Activate"
and then go back to your forum and start selecting your themes, and you are done.

Latest Version
Thread approved.

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