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[searching or request] TargetPay Plugin.
Hello everyone,

I have a question, i'm searching for a plugin for TargetPay. There is a plugin for PayPal that make it happend that people that have donate automatic become a donator.

TargetPay is a payment for IDEAL, Wallie, SMS etc, and I want to have a plug-in like the Paypal plugin that members that have donate become automatic a donator.

It's like the same way like the Paypal plugin, people donate and I reseave a email with the details.

So is this plugin exists or is there someone that will create this for me???
I haven't seen or even heard about TargetPay lol
There's a pretty high chance you'll have to commission that plugin.
(10-29-2010, 04:30 PM)lan7 Wrote: There's a pretty high chance you'll have to commission that plugin.

Wat is Commission ??
I mean you'll most likely have to pay someone to custom create this for you.
Im a bit confused, but if you want a plugin so that when a person donates to your site they get automatically moved to the group "donators" then MyBBcentral has a plugin like that.
MyBBCentral's uses Paypal, he's asking for one that uses TargetPay.
@ wethegreenpeople
Yeah but is this working with TargerPay I know there is a mod for Paypal

But works this mod also for me if I don't use paypal??

@ weBex
No problem for paying to create this mod!!
But where do I need to go for this??
If your willing to pay, Exdiogene does amazing work, i highly recommend him.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.

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