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[For 1.6] Are you back?
MyBB offers the option to users to set their status to 'away' when they go on holiday or aren't available for a period of time. But some users forget to change their status back when they return to the board. This plugin shows a notice to the user to inform him that his away-status is still active while he is active on the forum. When the user is back he can click the "I am back"-link and his away-status will be cleared. The user also has the option to ignore the notice for the current session.

The notice doesn't show up immediately. By default the notice is delayed 24 hours after the user has activated or updated his away-status.

The notice will change color when the return date has passed.

Language packs included:
- english
- dutch

Please check the INSTALL file in the zip for more information about installation, testing, translating and styling.

Approved + added download link. Sorry for the delay. Smile
Seems solid.
Looks fantastic Smile
Thanks ^^
[Image: 40DS6Te.png]

Thanks Wink
Maybe add an ignore option for the login or viewing session?
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
Very nice. Smile
(2010-11-02, 08:30 PM)Mark.M Wrote: Maybe add an ignore option for the login or viewing session?
That's a good idea. I will put this in a later version. Thanks for the feedback.

(2010-11-02, 08:46 PM)faviouz Wrote: Very nice. Smile
Version 1.1 was recently uploaded to the mod site but it's still awaiting approval.

This update introduces the possibility for people to ignore the notice for the current session.
A new version of the plugin was uploaded to the mod site. This fixes an language issue in the AdminCP.

While the plugin is awaiting validation you can download it from the attachment in the first post of this thread.

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