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Interviewed You - New look with custom blog and forum theme
Indeed, we are going smoother by the day. But still are not at the point we should be though.

A update message:

Hello people,

Here to bring you up to speed with what has been going on @ the IY project.

First of all we have done our biggest release ever on 20th of February.

Check it out visiting the announcement through this banner:
[Image: iynewlooktheme.gif]

1 day latter on we got to the date that the IY project is officially 3 months live!:
[Image: iy3monthslive2.png]

Latest 5 Interviews that can be found on the blog:

#66 Active RPG player "Saint", 18 male from America interviewed about the subject Rping (featured)
#67 NowItsCheaper a site that offers vouchers,tips,deals and offers to buy something cheaper Owner Oliver interviewed
#68 Teknophilia a personal blog of a guy from East Coast U.S. who loves and writes about all types of technology
#69 Tech Support and Discussion Community BitUser, offering support for Windows,Mac,Linux and anything related to technology
#70 Nicholas Toupin coder,designer,webmaster, owner of nToupin website and graphic Design solutions (featured)


We are still in need of some staff members, if you want to help out and make IY even work better then now, visit: Join the site team

Want to get interviewed yourself? Visit: Request/Recommend an Interview.

Keep your eyes fixed for new updates or releases. And most important enjoy our interviews, and new look.

The IY Team.
USHOST247, Nuova Webs. | Miscy Networks owner
Where's this "new theme" that the OP continued to promise.. unfortunately this site is painful on the eyes and I couldn't even get through half of the 'about' page without hitting the [x] on the tab due to lack of grammer, punctuation, and overall sense of the english language. It feels like you're using google translator..

I usually don't "flame" or "rip" on showcase threads but the way the OP has acted has turned me off greatly, and I feel the need to make this point.

In order of priority for your site to be successful
1. Learn English (duh?)
2. Improve your theme/skin dramatically

After the above two things have occured then maybe I can objectively review your site.
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English isn't his native language, so attacking him for that really isn't necessary.
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(2011-03-01, 01:08 PM)Shukaku Wrote: English isn't his native language, so attacking him for that really isn't necessary.

Then he shouldn't attempt to make a site that is primarily in english.
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That really is a very nasty thing to say. People may not be native English speakers, but try to cater to those who can. Telling them not to make a site in English is just like saying "Don't bother trying to learn English at all" Undecided
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Try and be a bit more sensitive on issues regarding people's level of English.
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Like I said I wasn't trying to "rip" on this guy, but the simple fact is the average person is going to feel the same way I do when they visit a site. If the can't read the text because it's not fluidly written in english then they probably won't give it more than two minutes. I apologize if that makes me appear insensitive?

EDIT: I'll decline to comment on this showcase further as I feel I've made my point..
Themefreak - High Quality Premium Themes
I think its a wonderful site here but there are some ideas that you can follow to make more improvement here . One thing is there might be the color changing on the website .There is very bright color combination that must be avoid to use .
We have added a new custom theme for both blog and forum + alot of new features.

Of which some only members can see on the forums.
USHOST247, Nuova Webs. | Miscy Networks owner
Nice site. Love the Forum theme. But blog theme can be made to match Forum's one.

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