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[RELEASE]Windows Vista Theme with GDK
Maximise the window, that should fix it, if not you'll be happy to know I'm working on a fully fluid version of the skin also which should fix any sizing issues, I hope anyway.

As the background itself is fixed, maximizing the window should fix it.

As for your problem leasfsfan, I could do with a little help on that one also. Nothing I've come across before.

Thanks, I'll fix that when I get home this evening.

I'm using 1024x768 and my screen is maximized. I even tried in full screen mode but the skin still appears strange.
Ah I'm using 1280x1024.

Watch this space for the full fluid version I'm working on, attempting a dynamic background.

This is extremely magnificent
The screenshot looks ok, but it looks like crap live... I'm using FF 1024*768
[Image: gfxsig0em.jpg]
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Thats because it was designed on and for 1280x1024. If you actually read my other post in this topic, you would see that I was working on a more fluid version.

For those that want a temporary fix until Vista Theme version 2 is released (Titled Aero), go into your Admin CP and edit the Vista Theme style and do the following:

Delete everything in the extra CSS attributes for the body and replace it with:
background: #000000 url(Vista/background.jpg) repeat-y fixed  center;


Where can I download this skin please ? Smile.

Thanks Smile.
is not avaible yet, cause the developer is correcting some bugs
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