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[RELEASE]Windows Vista Theme with GDK
Ok, thanks Smile.
I like, nicely done.
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Shouldn't be much longer, I've had an idea with it for the background, not sure if its possible but we'll see!

Also at the same time, I'm making a few more skins, an avatar pack and emoticon pack to go with the skin Smile


i'am owner of german Portalsite "".
Our Vistatheme is copy from us vistatheme.

Please remove this theme from download.


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I think you'll find that the theme itself is not exactly the same as yours and all I used was the idea. The theme itself is primarily based on the Microsoft Windows Vista theme.

Also the download isn't there at the moment and I excerise my right to be able to skin whatever I choose.

As I've had very little time to make the changes, I'm working on the new improved Aero theme at the moment, however, here is the original for download as I'll release Aero under a new thread.

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.zip (Size: 489.12 KB / Downloads: 1,081)

That's a pretty sexy skin.
Thanks, watch this space for the new version Smile

I'm going to do a couple of versions to go with the different Vista GUI's.
Though production is slow at the moment.

I like it, Protoman, but I'll wait for the Aero. BTW, will there be a Areo Glass?
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Aero will be glass.

The non glass version will be Aero Solid Smile


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