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Plug-in: Random Logo V1.0

I uploaded the php file to the plugins folder, went to my acp and activated it, then edited the settings with two banners that i want to rotate. Nothing has happened, i've completely refreshed multiple times. what do i have to do?

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You don't need a plugin, instead use Matt R's

and then put the images in the same folder as the script, and then go to your theme.

Under your logo put in the name of the script. so or whatever else you name it. This will function and will work pluginless.
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If you use the Chrome browser, it wont change.
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i use firefox...

thanks mattg, i'll check that out Smile
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(2010-11-28, 12:45 AM)iBf Wrote: If you use the Chrome browser, it wont change.

It does change in Chrome for me. :s
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Author: Edson Ordaz
Submitted: 19th November 2010

* Translated the plugin code to english  and updated to version 1.1 on 11/29/2016 for 1.8.x usage by: Vintagedaddyo

Random Logo (1.1)
Change the Random Logo when updating page!
Created by Edson Ordaz & updated by Vintagedaddyo

Random Logo updates when you change or refresh the page the logo change determined by the images in the admin panel that you enter!

.zip (Size: 87.49 KB / Downloads: 35)

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