[request] case conversion
I'd like to add MyCode to my board to allow users to paste the URL's they receive when they upload images to bayimg.com

eg. http://bayimg.com/laDpaAaBc

and have them converted to links to display the actual image

ie. http://image.bayimg.com/ladpaaabc.jpg

But the links are case sensitive, and I can't see any way to use MyCode to do case conversion.

It was suggested to me elsewhere that a plugin would be required, and I've asked about that here.

But is there any way to do this with MyCode?

PS. bayimg.com only supports .jpg files, so the file extension can safely be assumed.
My plugin request has been deleted, probably because someone thought it was a dupe.

Hopefully that means that whoever deleted it knows that this can, in fact, be done with MyCode alone and will reply here.

Otherwise, could someone confirm that it isn't possible to do with MyCode (which is what I believe) so that I could have this thread moved to the plugin requests (or have my original thread re-instated).

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