Looking for NNTP/Usenet Gateway Plugin
Forgive me if this plugin has already been made I am on some very strong pain medications as I have injured my back.

I was a longtime user of vBulletin in the version 2 and version 3 stages before they decided to charge an arm and a leg for it, but they had a plugin that is rather specific that I would like to add to mybb, which is a usenet/gateway for pulling posts from groups like alt.fan.. mainly just text related posts no binaries allowing for users on my web site to read and reply allowing more of a bigger community.

I am not sure if such a plugin can be made for MyBB if I had any such plugin, currently i'm trying to keep up as much as I can with twitter, facebook, and whatever else is invented the next day.
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There's someone who made a MyBB <->NNTP bridge for the Pirate Party (Germany). Not sure if they'll release it to the public... the way he described it you also have to set up your own NNTP server though, so the plugin alone wouldn't do you much good. Public groups don't like web gateways anyway.

It's not that hard to set something like this up (the linux nntp server is very flexible in that regard and can also save articles as plain text files so anyone can use them). The main problem are the differences in formatting so a lot of code goes into detecting quotes and such.

If you're looking for pulling exclusive groups only, you could probably see if there is a web gateway somewhere that offers the group as RSS feed (dunno if google groups does that?) and then use RSS2Post with that.

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