Not Solved Common Sub-Forums installation in Multiple Forums and Categories
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I have started a Forum in which there are 2 categories.

In 1st Category, there are 8 Forums
in 2nd Category, 33 Forums.

Now in 1st Forum of 1st Category, there are 12 Sub-Forums.
in these 12 Sub-Forums, there are also different numbers of Sub-Forums.

I want to install all these 12 Sub-Forums and their Sub-Forums in rest of 7 Forums of 1st Category and in all 33 Forums of 2nd Category.

I am Doing this because Main Forum Names are different BUT all Sub forum names are the same for all the forums.

I tried copy page option .. But No result ...
What to do ?

Any Help ?? Exclamation

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Just move all those sub-forums one by one.
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I tried it ... but If I do it Manually ... it will take me 1 month to do that ...

Any other option ?
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Unfortunately No.

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