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I would so join, if I was still playing Maple Story Sad
Unfortunately it's one of those dying games now, or at least so it seems.
Doesn't seem as great as it use to be.
In regards to the game, it has "revived" itself, with it's latest update Big Bang.
This included many changes in regards to experience rate, monsters, maps, along with two additional classes..

I'm sure if you try it out today, you'll see a definite change..
Man, I remember when this game was HUGE. It seems that Farmville has sort of stolen the glory. Confused Still, I remember how much fun I had with my wife playing this game. The site looks nice as well, by the way...
bump, looking for opinions - really want to see if I'm missing anything / improve the site.
Today, we have received a total of 1,000 members registered, with over 6,000 posts =)
1,072 members registered
6,899 posts

Bump for our active community.
1,183 members registered
8,225 posts

Active members.
1,293 members registered.
9,553 posts.

Still looking for more opinions regarding the forums..
1,386 members registered.
10,899 posts.

looking for opinions..

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