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Need Logo For Blog/Forum - TechJunkie
Hey all. I'm in need for someone to make this logo look better... i want like kind of like a icon, or something to go in front of the text, so if someone can edit the logo, and make it look better...please do. I will pay 5 dollars, as soon as i get it via PayPal.

The image i want edited, to look [Image: rsz3techjunkielogo.png]

Thank you.
I would like it to blend in with this site
I can do it, you can pm me, if you want.
Coming soon..
Do you actually have a forum?? I can't find one and R/S/J isn't for getting assistance with just a blog.
No PM support
My YouTube
Bad decision i ever made by actually making this person a logo, he tells me he'll give me 10 dollars to do a logo and i spend time on it while he's telling me how he wants it and then says i don't like it, after all that time, so if anyone sees any threads of him requesting anything, don't even accept, funny also how he has a grayish white logo, just a warning to you all about him, also he'll keep the logo and not pay you, he's a scammer.
Coming soon..
Agree with JonathanP.

He don't even bother to say thanks or something when i tried designing a logo for him.

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