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As you may or may not know, MyBB has had a wiki for some time now. On this wiki, common support issues and general documentation/information about MyBB can be found. In the past, the wiki has been maintained only by members of the community. Now, however, the team felt the need to create an official MyBB Wiki team. I am very happy to announce the addition of two members of the MyBB community to the MyBB team, who will join DennisTT in managing the MyBB wiki!

My congratulations go out to Tikitiki and Belloman for becoming part of the MyBB wiki team. Together with wiki-teamleader DennisTT they will make sure the quality of the MyBB wiki remains high. They will also help adding documentation to the wiki, so common support issues will be listed there for everyone to view. Tikitiki and Belloman have both contributed a lot to the MyBB wiki before they were introduced in the team and therefore we felt them very suitable for becoming part of the MyBB team.

Some additional things need to be cleared up about the wiki. Firstly, everyone is allowed to read and edit the wiki. As long as you have an account on the MyBB community board, you can edit the wiki. The MyBB team appreciates it when you help to improve the wiki, too. Althought DennisTT, Belloman and Tikitiki are the official wiki managers, we would like everyone to become involved to create an extensive and high-standard wiki.
Peter Akkies
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Peter Akkies

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