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Not Solved Browser issues
Not Solved
My forum appears perfect in FireFox and Opera but not on other browsers.

Internet Explorer
All shows, but everything has been centered??

Half of it is cut off??

How can I fix this?

Forum link:
Not Solved
Your "board message" <center> tag is never closed. IE interprets this as you wanting the whole page centered, Firefox and Opera figure that you only want it applied to the div, as you did.

To fix it, add a </center> tag to the end of your board message:
Stretford is now open for business!
Please allow for some small tweaks during the next 24 hours...
members from old forum will have to re-register here
Not Solved

So that's Internet Explorer, FireFox and Opera sorted.

Any ideas how I fix Safari?
Just posted my forum in the showcase area, and the first reply has eluded to this issue with Safari (I presume they are browsing with Safari)

Any ideas how to fix it fellas?

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