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[PAID] HTML/CSS Designer Wanted
I am developing a web host review site powered by MyBB and have used Audentio to develop the theme which I am very happy with. I am looking for a professional CSS/HTML designer who can create an equally-nice homepage for my website. Here is a screenshot of the header and footer of my website:


As you can see, the middle part with the white space is the area in which the content for the homepage will go. I need someone to design the structure of the homepage, using CSS boxes, rounded corners, etc. This needs to look very professional and fine-tuned. All I need designed is the layout, I will fill everything with content.

Here are the requirements for the homepage:
  • On the left hand side, a navigation menu with various links to other parts of the site
  • Under the navigation menu, there should be a box where recent reviews are displayed. I have the javascript RSS reader for the recent reviews, so only the box needs to be designed.
  • In the main part of the page, I need a table where rankings of the top 7 web hosts are to be displayed. There should be at least 6 columns where information about the web host is to be posted (like rank, name, price, features, etc.)

The default MyBB portal is exactly what I DON'T want for this design. As you can see here, the default portal is very "boxy" and simply. I would like something that flows very nicely with the rest of my site design.

I hope I was able to explain this sufficiently.

Please respond to this thread or PM me if you are interested. Please show me examples of past designs and what your price is for the initial design and any subsequent changes. I pay with PayPal, or I would be happy to buy you domain and hosting, etc.

I have enlisted the services of quite a few members on this board, and all can vouch for my reputation.

Thank you to all who have responded, this position has been filled.
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