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Add an instant messenger to MyBB
IntraMessenger is a different instant messenger, can authenticate (login+password) through MyBB.
Users dont need to be connected in MyBB, they can contact your community (with their MyBB account)
without give their personnal msn/yahoo email address.

Server is PHP/MySQL (same MyBB) make easy for the administrator to choise all options, for display, contact manage, lock...

Client screenshot :
[Image: IntraMessenger_10_EN.png]
More screenshots
(freeware only under Windows)

Server (Windows/Linux...) screenshot :
[Image: IntraMessenger_2_TN.png]
More screenshots
(licensed under GPL)

How to do in MyBB ?
NOTHING to change inside MyBB (a good news !)
Just have to active option
and if necessary change paremeters to MyBB (host, database, login and password), nothing else.

On (Windows) clients, install and choose the url of installing IntraMessenger,
use same login and password (same MyBB), and lets go !

Within limited testing the client works just fine under Linux using WINE.
Nice, thanks for sharing Smile
More in depth testing shows that the client will not perform under WINE.

I've also had no luck getting a private server running, and the installer has issues.
Not a fan, won't do...
It's a forum, not a chat room.
We have Yahoo/MSN for that.
Looking for people who actively play or DM Dungeons & Dragons.
Please PM me, working on a secret project ^^.
Looks interesting but over complicated!
MyBB 1.8.10 (x3), &
More doc (links) on special options (e.g. sheet Special modes), take a look to ACP...
(01-05-2011, 12:04 AM)Ansem Wrote: It's a forum, not a chat room.
We have Yahoo/MSN for that.
Yes, but with IntraMessenger you can chat with users of your forum,
without have to give your private email address.

It's look lite private messages direct on desktop application (facebook just add his desktop messenger to)...

And now, you can transfert and share files
(and screenshot to).
- New serveur version (2.0.5) available: see the announcement...
- New client version (1.3.1) available: see the announcement...

Many improvements, main is user's files backup.

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