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Do you need money?
I have recently re-organized my gaming team and have lost my posters / active members. I am looking for 3 active posters or members if you really want to game though we only play PC games....but I digress.

Please look at our forums page for topics etc....your threads can be about anything as long as they are in the correct forum.

*Paid via paypal only and sent after all posts have been completed*

$3.00 - 25 posts
$5.00 - 50 posts


Please let me know if you are interested!
I am interested. I've done this before many times. You can read some testimonials at Cheap Forum Posts and Threads. Plus pc gaming is something I'm very comfortable with. Smile

Let me know if you need me, we'll discuss details later.
I'll highly recommend faviouz since I never saw a single spam post from this guy...
@ Faviouz : pm sent...thanks

@ Yaldaram : thanks bud


I am currently working on a banner exchange too! If your interested please let me know Smile
Vapor, i can do both or just one, pm me if you want.
Coming soon..
Faviouz is great, I hired him before. Smile
Ill be interested, i play some pc games so i think i can do it Toungue
+1 for Mr Faviouz, hired him before, great poster.
Current Posters positions filled by:


Thank you very much everyone, I will re-post when spots become available!

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