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before I start editing my default theme, I have a newbie question:

Admin CP tells me that if I edit a CSS file its inheritance with the master theme file will be broken.

My question is: when a new version of MyBB comes out in the future and I want to upgrade to it, how do I ensure that I can keep my theme changes while also benefiting from any updates with MyBB?

For example, in the past with phpBB I upgraded from phpBB2 to phpBB3 and had to totally re-do a theme for the new version. But my question also applies to minor updates that may come out for MyBB.
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MyBB does it's best to avoid breaking existing themes with minor releases. The last time themes were broken IIRC was the 1.2->1.4 jump. While 2.0 will have a new theme and will probably break current themes, it's predicted to still be a few years off before being ready for release, and it will have a beta version so authors can redo their themes and plugins for it.
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