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Custom Display Username
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appropriate title. Blush
first, while taking SMF, in the admin panel has been provided (for Admins only) by the SMF itself the means to change the ID (name), username (possibly) different from the ID to login. if in MyBB, if you want to replace the ID, it also includes ID to login.

hhhmm. may still exist that do not understand. ok, I explain the details
This way, Joomla, as CMS software, has a unique ID setup username each member. such, if ID (username) that appear (publish) is the default administrator, not necessarily, "key" for the login is an Administrator, right? could have Admini; Adimin; Adimimin, etc-etc.......

therefore, I want to ask, is there a module / plugin MyBB like that?
if no, can a way to edit the php (or whatever)?
then, parts of which can be edited?

the reason why I was attracted to the features provided by SMF reply this, because with this, can minimize the incidence of hacking. indeed hell, actual, now I'm still in love MyBB instead of SMF. because, every install modules / plugins, it is the same as changing the PHP codes - Templates - Database. if the website running normally, when the module / plugin installed and uninstall it or to get to the upgrade, so I can double-minded.

apologize if my language is poor. I come from Indonesia. who likes MyBB as forum engine Blush

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Bangga Menggunakan MyBB sebagai Forum Core Engine Big Grin
Yes, I know what you talking about. I was used SMF Wink
I remember there is such plugins/modification.
Wait, I'll find it (if lucky)..

But, personally I don't like those "feature". Members will easily forget and scanning user MySQL performance will increase (little bit). MyBB is quitely safe, also VB use one single ID. I prefer you use this trick
Hello, Welcome to MyBB Indonesia to get local support
My 'Simple' Unique Plugin here Smile

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