How to Add Reputation and Post Count to Member List
Go to your
ACP >> Templates >> Your Theme Templates >> Member List Templates >> memberlist_user
Find this code
<span class="smalltext">
	{$user['usertitle']}<br />
And make it like this
<span class="smalltext">
	{$user['usertitle']}<br />
	Posts: <span style="color: rgb(6, 122, 4);">{$user['postnum']}
	Reputation: <span style="color: rgb(6, 122, 4);">{$user['reputation']}</span>

Live Demo:

This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
just did it works great A+ thanks so much
Cool guide..Big Grin
Thank you.

Your rank images for registered members shows "Registared users".

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