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Not Solved how will i put "table" to my messages?
Not Solved
please somebody answer me..

you know what i mean ?


i want to use this thing to put my images in order and use TABLES in my forum. im really happy with MyBB its great but somebody help me with this TABLE problem..

thank you very much.
Not Solved
What's wrong with it?

MyBB uses tables just about everywhere (a developer nightmare), so if your trying to use that, then I assume you would need to define styles for it so it doesn't conflict with other styles. If you're trying to use it in a post, make sure to enable HTML.
Not Solved
i really dont know how to enable html in my posts.. and i didnt see any "table" code in mybb editor..

thanks for you answer. but still im not able to use table in my posts Sad
Not Solved
Go in the ACP, and edit the forum you're going to use it in.
Then look through the options to "enable HTML". I know it's in there. Then post the code you posted above.

Again, I'm not entirely sure if it'll conflict with the styles of other tables around MyBB, so it that's the case, you'll have to learn HTML/CSS, get somebody to help you, or hire a developer.
Not Solved
I do not recommend enabling HTML whatsoever. Make a set of MyCodes for the <table>, <tr> and <td> HTML tags.
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Here's a MyCode you can try:

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