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Last one to Post #5!
Congratulations to Wethegreenpeople! For winning twice in a row. Big Grin

Yep, it's that time again! This is a contest to see who can have a post left alone (not responded to) for 20 hours.

Time Limit: 19 hours
-It will be lowered by 1 hour for every 300 posts.

Special Thanks To:
wethegreenpeople - For allowing the competition to continue & giving up the prize.
Lee Merriman - For submitting $50 as a prize.


Posting - You may post as many times as you desire in this thread, however you may not double post.
Quality of Posts - Your posts must be high quality, on-topic, and not offensive. If they are they will be reported and punishment given.
Rights - I reserve the right to close, deny prizes, or postpone the contest at any given time with a valid reason which I am required to provide to all users who ask. (Unless it's personal or could harm me/another, in which case I am required to inform you to the best of my ability)
Punishments - Punishments are to be given by me, Mybb Staff, or users specified by me. Strikes will be given as a warning. 3 strikes and a user is added to a ban list. I reserve the right to skip any punishment with a valid reason.
Banned - If you're on the banned list you are no longer welcome on this thread. Any posts will be void and you will not be allowed to win a prize.

$50 Media Temple Giftcard
$50 Cash

If we reach 1,000 replies I will add a new (secretzz) prize.

If we reach 10,000 I'll add an EVEN BETTER PRIZE. (secret too Big Grin)

Strike List

Banned List

Thanks, and have fun!

First reply,

I'll win this time :p
Already another one of these? :p
Well, the other one has already been won Toungue
Haha, yeah. I felt bad for winning so early & I wanted to make one. So I thought, why not! Smile Good luck Tom. Big Grin
I could have beat you too Toungue I could have spent an extra minute on MyBB and replied XD
It may still be going then. Wink
If I win this one, can I have just the $50 Big Grin
You can have the giftcard! Smile
You should increase the limit to 24 hours! Otherwise it ain't never gonna reach over 1,000
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[Image: poptartFINALTINY.gif]

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