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Not Solved About the Task Manager and Cron.
Not Solved
Firstly, having navigated the various forum software I have to say this is the cleanest and most flexible one around, so a big thumbup to all the folks who made this possible.

Secondly, I've read the info on the task manager and I understand that (out-of-the-box) the tasks selected will only run at their predefined time only if someone is actually accessing the board, OR if that particular task is manually defined in the Cron.

My question is, instead of defining the individual task in the Cron (ie. Backup, Cleanup, Mass Mail...etc), would it be possible to just trigger the Task Scheduler at regular intervals (with the understanding that the resolution would have to match the minimum resolution specified in any one of the active tasks)?

-- Max
Not Solved
Yes, you can edit the task you want to perform by following the following;

Go to: ACP > Tools & Maintenance > Task Manager > Select your task you want to run > [Options] > Edit task > and edit the "time" after which the task automatically ran at those pre-defined intervals.
Not Solved
Actually from tests done and from the wiki, the tasks will only run if someone is using the board which will cause the task scheduler to be invoked. In order words, if the board is idle, no tasks will run. This is why you will get a warning when enabling the backups that says:

"WARNING: You are about to enable a task that is only meant to be run via a cron (Please see the MyBB Wiki for more information). Continue?

Also, during the tests, it seems the next run doesn't follow the timezone.
Not Solved
If you have access to crontab on your system then you can setup a cron on your system to wget the task.php file every few minutes. The task.php file runs the task scheduler and will run all the tasks according to their times as set in the admincp.
Not Solved
Awesome, thanks. It's a great solution because it preserves the control of the tasks at the ACP level.

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