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Not Solved Questions about password-resend routines
Not Solved
In checking the functionality of a few things on a recently-upgraded V1.6 forum, I'm test-registering a couple dummy users.

I have two questions regarding the "Resend Activation Email" and "Lost Password" functions, where a new registrant needs their initial-response mailing resent to them, and where a lost password can be reclaimed.

First, they don't seem to work....for me at least. No mail is received in either case.
I have completely turned off any e-mail spamtrapping at my end, still no emails from the forum.
And I've checked any trapped/trashed mail at my ISP's end: nothing.

Second, after several tests, it appears that MyBB will accept ANY email address that happens to be in its database as an acceptable place to send the password notification, NOT just the address specifically associated with that username. Entering the email address of several entirely separate user accounts still produced the following screen in response:
[Image: ResendPassResponse.gif]

Can anyone please suggest any fixes to either of these issues?

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Not Solved
1. Do any emails send?? Run this test: [Wiki: Help:Mail] (Broken link, head over to instead)

2. Yes, when you choose to reset your password you just give the email address... if you want users to put in their username too and have it check them both, you'd need a plugin or a file edit.
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Thanks, Matt.

1. Produced an immediate palm-to-forehead reaction as I realized - before even needing to run your test code - that my aforementioned site host's very-stringent-and-obscure security was no doubt blocking outgoing mail.
I DID run the test, and it echoed positive...but no mail was received, so I assume he's trapping it before it even leaves his server.

As I mentioned, I'd been coming to the realization it's high time to move away from this host, and this seals the deal. I've tested the code at the new location, and it works fine. The move will happen over the next day or so, and I hope this will mean I no longer plague this forum with such stupid "downstream" questions.

2. I still have a concern about this, but will wait until I can test properly, using the new hosting service!

Not Solved
1. Yeah, if it says it sent but you didn't get anything (even in your spam folder??) then your host will be blocking it somewhere.

2. Remember that it doesn't actually reset the password straight away. First a confirmation email is sent; if the user clicks the link in that email, then it resets the password and emails them the new one. Plus if you made it require a username too to reset it, it probably wouldn't do much; generally speaking, if somebody knows the email address of someone on the forum, considering the fact email addressees aren't displayed anywhere on the forum, they'll most likely already know their username too, so would still be able to submit for form to submit the confirmation email.
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