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Not Solved problems
Not Solved
Hi still having problems with merge the forum i am changing over from is PunBB 1.3.4 and it says the table prefix is punbb_ can you tell me if this is correct because i get this error below. on the merge system it only gives me an option for Punbb 1.2 does that mean it wont work with PunBB1.3.4

There seems to be one or more errors with the database configuration information that you supplied:

The punBB 1 database could not be found in 'my1_forum'. Please ensure punBB 1 exists at this database and with this table prefix.
Once the above are corrected, continue with the conversion.
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Not Solved
It may or may not work with 1.3.4, we cannot support that version. However, the error you're getting means it cannot find the database because either the name of the db was wrong, you don't have read permissions on the db with the username you're using to access it, or you didn't input the correct table prefix, which defaults to punbb_ but you can change to whatever your forum actually uses.
Not Solved
(2011-01-14, 03:01 PM)Dylan M. Wrote: It may or may not work with 1.3.4, we cannot support that version.

Hi, sorry to bump this thread. But I was wondering when support for PunBB 1.3.4 was likely to come out, or if it's being worked on.

I do know that the PunBB official forums are pretty much dead and I believe Informer has closed registrations (pretty much making it discontinued). So I think a few people are going to be looking to transfer over soon.

I myself am trying to make the 1.3.4 move over, but having a bit of trouble regarding passwords not being moved over and Admins not being able to login to Admin panel.

Not Solved
Basically the reason support for this isn't even being worked on right now is lack of time on my part. With what time I do have taken up by fixing bugs in the existing system, and doing paid work off my own site... well I just haven't had the time to add NEW support to the Merge System. Now, if you want to dominate my time, you could (or a group of you could) always pay me to write a "custom module" for you over on SCD. Several people have aready done that. bbPress and SMF2 are both in the Merge System because of people paying me to make them, and then letting me put them into the official Merge System. I don't really recommend you do that, because this is on my TODO list anyways, but if you're in a very big hurry this is about the only way to be sure it gets done. It usually takes a week or 2 to make a complete module end to end, and $50+ to make it (I just did YaBB 2.5 for $65 in 2 weeks). So, food for thought if you need to force my hand.
Not Solved
Ah, I see.

Well I was thinking about that too, and seeing as the converter hasn't been made yet I'd be quite happy to chip in $50USD just to make sure that it's on it's way through to completion within a few weeks.

I know a few friends with PunBB forums who would love for the merger to be also, considering it would affect a large group of people (PunBB forums gone zzzz). I understand if you have other jobs on at the moment, but if you want to take me up on my offer then it'd be really appreciated.

Also looking for some private jobs to be done with my MyBB site, as my coder has been busy for a while, if you(/anyone's) interested in them too.

Edit:// Just noticed your sig about Skin City Designs, sounds like a good business for me to go with on some jobs. Smile

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