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Small Talk A General Discussion Board Revamp (Advertise your site here)
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So here's my forum.

Click here please?

It's about saying what you want, talking about what you want, and coding with all sorts of languages, thanks for viewing I really need some active posters, staff members, and coders!

Thanks Smile.
The safest game hacking community out there!

Click the link above this to be guided to a coder's heaven!

Unfortunately, hacking discussions/forums are not allowed. I'm sorry to say, but..

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Game hacking forums are allowed, but the first hacking forum may be in violation of a terms of service.
No PM support
My YouTube
Shukaku is right, game hacking forums are allowed.
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.
Ahaha so I am okay putting this here? Smile
Site is dead for me :/
(2011-01-18, 11:06 PM)Ansem Wrote: Site is dead for me :/

What do you mean it's dead?
Like no posts/content?
u need to renew your domain
Seriously? It loads for me. T_T God dang Byethost.
It loaded for the guy above me 0_o.

Edit: No it works fine for me man, and all of my friends 0_o.
GoDaddy took over. Site died.
The Game Central

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