Wicked Angels Gaming Community is desperate for help
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Request Type: Forum Theme
Website Name: Wicked Angels Gaming Community
Website URL: ~~url snipped~~
Design Style: Clean, Dark, Modern, Vector
Color Scheme: Black, Red, Grey
Software: MyBB (1.6.x)

Our gaming community is a bit of trouble because we can't find a theme perfect for us and we are kinda just sitting on a WIP theme that we will probably never get done. We are asking for your help. We would like our site to be dark, sleek/clean but able to read text and tell things apart. We also don't want the login to be weird looking in anyway, we just want a simple login. Either postbit is fine but I'd like to see the horizontal postbit work great with the theme.

Thank you so much to those who pick this up!
PM with a quote if desirable.
We're sorry, but your website does not pass the MyBB terms of service for support. Please see our support eligibility requirements.

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