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Not Solved multi forums on multi databases?
Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
if we have 3 forums, a, b, c connected to 3 databases da, db, dc on single server:
1) can we make the users logged in one forum ( a ) automatically logged into other forums also(b,c)?
2) can we have the user thread count and post count combined from all forums though posted separately?
3) if we have installed any cms, is it possible to have the login session combined to the forums also?
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Answer to all questions: All are possible but would require coding.
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1. Will need core edits or plugins
2. Do you want these in real time? It would be more efficient to run a script in cron to sum up the stats from all the forums and put them in the member's tables
3. Again, core edit/plugin.
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I'm always curious why you'd want to even do this. I can't think of one real world example of this type of setup being successful. And I've seen it implemented multiple times. It always fails.

What you really are doing is just creating multiple domains for one site. You're looking at the script as the solution but I believe cname aliases would work better. MyBB allows you to specify a theme for each forum. So essentially you'd get the end result which is the appearance of different sites and domains but they'd all be run from a single MyBB installation.

It's probably going to require hacks for the cookies and other various BS but ultimately doing any of this is probably a bad idea. You want to combine everything yet keep them separate. It's like saying I want to eat McDonalds everyday but I don't want to get fat.
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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
thanks pyridine and geek for suggestions.

thanks labrocca for your suggestions too.
well, coming to your point, i do like to set separate forums on separate databases on same host and link them because, i want to use xthreads for 2 forums and another forum with default mybb.
i also thought of making different forums for different sections i need with single mybb copy. but if i get messed with xthreads, all the other forums will suffer and also hard to point the forums with the subdomains depending on the forum type i want it to be.
so if i have various forums pointed by different subdomains, i have an option to add all the other forum tabs to the header and the user landed to forum "a" by "a" subdomain can access all the other forums "b, c, d" too using the header tabs.
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What you just said gave me a headache. Why do you need to do this? That's the real question. It's incredibly complicated. From a users perspective how do you think this will appear? Because it doesn't sound pretty at all. It sounds like a giant mess that will have many bugs and problems. Members in general want smooth simple interfaces.

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