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Solved: 10 Years ago phpbb3 > mybb | problem with users
Solved: 10 Years ago

My problem is simple, I suppose..
All my members have been set on invisible mode, which is deffo. a fault of the merger. Now I really can't be bothered to go through all my members and turn off their invisible mode..

Does anyone know the query command to force every user to being not invisible on forums Smile?

Solved: 10 Years ago
Thats an easy query Smile

In phpMyAdmin
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `invisible` = '1' WHERE `invisible` = '0'
Solved: 10 Years ago
Thanks man ^_^
Well I do everything with learning by doing and I knew how to run a query and knew how it looks like more or less.
However I didn't knew the exact 'SET' to - so I didn't want to try anything :p

Is there a place I can look these 'commands' things up?
Solved: 10 Years ago
(2011-01-25, 09:48 AM)Raz0r90 Wrote: Is there a place I can look these 'commands' things up?

Not really, I make them up as they're needed. The steps are pretty simple, this one went like this:
  1. Go into phpMyAdmin
  2. Go to the users table
  3. Click SQL
  4. Change the SELECT * FROM to UPDATE
  5. Between the table name and the WHERE put SET and the field I want to change (which I get from the right hand pane) followed by = and 'value' (in this case 0 for off)
  6. Delete the 1 after WHERE and replace it with the field name again, followed by = 'value' (which in this case is 1, since they're on)
  7. Query made. Test it. It works. Give to the user.
Solved: 10 Years ago
Dylan, you are awesome.
Thanks for explaining it - imo that's already a nice tutorial, just incase Smile.

+Rep - you really helped alot!

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