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Thanks Akari, you should look at it again, there have been some new changes too =P
Very nice theme!
[Image: 2lazl1z.jpg]
My Portfolio (Not updated)
I like your new theme, nice job man! Good luck on the site :]
Thanks a lot guys, glad you like it Angel, and thanks! Smile
I registered too, not sure if ill be active tho Big Grin
Thanks for registering. Smile
(2011-01-25, 11:49 AM)zackrussell Wrote: Ok so i post a gaming site way before you then you have to post a crappy version of mine?? Not right

On what planet is his site a copy of yours?
He's probably just jealous. Toungue
What's with calling classic games "Archaic games"? Why not call them vintage games, classic games, or simply old school games? Toungue
Archaic sounds more.... old!

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