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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
thank you man Smile <3
No problem. Any more reviews? Smile
More feedback, please. Smile
Anymore feedback? Sad Got a new logo!
Ugly. The logo font is plain, and looks like something made with microsoft paint. The red icons on a green background is just weird. Surprisingly, your forum must have a great pr. I searched gaming forums or something the other day and found this.

Those game characters have an angry expression. Not very inviting, is it?

I dislike that as a guest, I can't read any posts. Why would I join if I don't know what the discussions are like?
Hmm, I really need a new theme soon, I guess.
That's quite clearly Justin's Apart theme.
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
Justin S, yeah. He and his friend made it for us.
The new theme is very nearly done, I will update you guys. Smile

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