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Not Solved Integration with Email? with Wordpress?
Not Solved
Greetings! We are contacting you because we are looking for a new discussion/forum/email platform for our organization, the Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN). We are a coalition of locally organized groups fighting the climate crisis. We do this by promoting carbon-reducing practices in our homes and communities; supporting MCAN chapters and allied organizations to grow a focused statewide movement; and communicating policy to members and leveraging our collective voice at the state level.

We have been impressed with our initial evaluation of MyBB and are strongly considering adopting it. First, though, we need to know whether MyBB has two abilities that are important to us:

#1 -- Integrates smoothly with e-mail.
We currently have over 100 subscribers to our Google Group, a community composed mainly of people whose favorite channel for discussion and new information is reading and responding to email. In order to avoid losing our current readership in the transition, we will turn this Google Group into a category in the new forum. Then we will create additional categories which, we hope, will attract people who read on the web. Can MyBB do this smoothly? There needs to be a mechanism that sends emails to every individual every time someone posts a new topic, or a new reply in a topic. We are looking for these specific features:
  • Ability for individuals to adjust this setting, as is possible with Google Groups and Yahoo Groups, which let individuals choose “Full Email”, “Daily Digest”, “Daily Topic List”, or “I’ll Visit the Website Instead.”
  • Easy access (for administrators) to the settings to turn on or change this ability, for the entire forum, a sub-category within the forum, or an individual subscriber.
  • The ability to display on the forum a new message sent by e-mail.

#2 -- Integrates smoothly with WordPress.
To what extent can MyBB cooperate with WordPress? We found ccForum, which is a plugin that tried to provide this kind of integration, but how deep is the integration? Can it share account information and templates with WordPress? Can it host the comments attached to a blog post in the forum? How well does this functionality interact with the e-mail sending feature?

We look forward to hearing back from you very soon, so we can make our decision.

Thank you!

Susan Altman
Outreach and Cool Mass Program Manager
Massachusetts Climate Action Network
Twitter: @MCANCoolMass

Guillaume Marceau
Media Outreach Committee Coordinator
Students for a Just and Stable Future

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