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Not Solved [General] Quoting does not work
Not Solved
For the longest time now, quoting has not been working. I think it happened during one of the upgrades a while ago. See for yourself:
User: myBB
Pass: myBB9876

I have no idea what to do to fix it. Sad

Thanks in advance!
Not Solved
Go to ACP > Tools & Maintenance > File Verification > have any files been edited??
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Free never tasted like pudding.
Not Solved
jscripts/editor.js Changed
install/images/bullet.gif Missing
install/images/content_bg.gif Missing
install/images/error_bg.gif Missing
install/images/h2-admin.gif Missing
install/images/h2-config.gif Missing
install/images/h2-createtables.gif Missing
install/images/h2-dbconfig.gif Missing
install/images/h2-finish.gif Missing
install/images/h2-license.gif Missing
install/images/h2-requirements.gif Missing
install/images/h2-tablepopulate.gif Missing
install/images/h2-theme.gif Missing
install/images/h2-welcome.gif Missing
install/images/index.html Missing
install/images/submit_bg.gif Missing
install/images/tcat_bg.gif Missing
install/images/thead_bg.gif Missing
install/index.php Missing
install/resources/adminoptions.xml Missing
install/resources/adminviews.xml Missing
install/resources/index.html Missing
install/resources/language.lang.php Missing
install/resources/mybb_theme.xml Missing
install/resources/mysql_db_inserts.php Missing
install/resources/mysql_db_tables.php Missing
install/resources/output.php Missing
install/resources/pgsql_db_tables.php Missing
install/resources/settings.xml Missing
install/resources/sqlite_db_tables.php Missing
install/resources/tasks.xml Missing
install/resources/upgrade1.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade10.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade11.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade12.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade13.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade14.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade15.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade16.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade17.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade2.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade3.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade4.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade5.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade6.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade7.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade8.php Missing
install/resources/upgrade9.php Missing
install/resources/usergroups.xml Missing
install/stylesheet.css Missing
install/upgrade.php Missing
Not Solved
./jscripts/editor.js is the only relevant file there but that shouldn't be having an effect on it... have you edited any of your templates??
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Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
Not Solved
The default template has been edited a bit, but I don't think any of the edits would effect the ability to quote.
Also, all of the plugins are disabled, so it's none of them.

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